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Useful information and guidelines for commenting

Friday, 10 May 2013 0 Comments by Claire

Guidelines for commenting on my blog
Here are the guidelines for commenting on my blog -

Ask Hugo Swire about climate change, next Saturday (29 October), at Ottery

Saturday, 22 October 2016 0 Comments by Claire

East Devon’s MP, Hugo Swire comes to Ottery next Saturday (29 October) at 11am to discuss with residents, the vital and ever worrying issue of climate change.

See below for the details…...

14 public meetings to take place during November on East Devon community bed closures

Friday, 21 October 2016 0 Comments by Claire

A series of public meetings on proposals to slash 72 community hospital beds in Eastern Devon, will take place during November.

I would advise anyone who is concerned to attend a meeting nearest to them, although it looks as though you have to register first….

A full list of the events is available here -

Tories attempt to hoodwink us over NHS funding. They craftily altered the definition….

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 3 Comments by Claire

Our PM says she will give the NHS £10bn and there is no more money in the coffers to pay for vital patient care, maintaining hospital standards, departments or even retaining beds.

But look at this link from the National Health Service Executive, reporting from yesterday’s Health Select Committee meeting.

The truth is that the Conservative health ministers’ claims of funding an extra £8-£10bn are actually more disingenuous than I thought. I understood it was based on “effiicency savings” made by NHS trusts of £22bn… but conservative ministers have actually changed the definition of health spending in order to give a falsely inflated figure to the media.

Didn’t they do that with the benefits budget, in which they included pensions, to falsely inflate it and demean it as “bloated.”

With the NHS (and other public services) in meltdown, I really hope these politicians can sleep at night.

Here’s the article.-,4K1ZB,FX6386,GWAVA,1

Should we pay more tax to fund the NHS?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 0 Comments by Claire

My column in this week’s Express & Echo -

Parliament debate on bed cuts may have been helpful but health minister stonewalled MPs

Tuesday, 18 October 2016 0 Comments by Claire

Hugo Swire’s scheduled debate in parliament this afternoon about Devon’s NHS cuts was attended by almost all Devon MPs.

Ben Bradshaw and Sarah Wollaston unfortunately were unable to be there as they were in a health select committee meeting.

Although the health minister present (I don’t know who it was) pretty much stonewalled all the requests for more funding I do think that virtually all Devon’s MPs getting in a room all collectively complaining that NHS services in their areas being cut, was quite powerful.

It was an interesting insight into the differences between what were all conservative MPs views.  Some simply argued against the plans of the local NHS in Devon. Others argued quite vociferously for more funding.  But all appeared to fall on deaf ears, if the minister’s anodyne response was anything to go by.

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