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Aylesbeare fete makes over £2500 for the community

Wednesday, 16 July 2014 0 Comments by Claire

Last Saturday’s Aylesbeare fete made in excess of £2500 for community projects, it has been confirmed.

The skies were a bit dark and cloudy but the afternoon sped by as I joined in the activities and chatted to residents. 

There were flowers for sale, an excellent bookstall, hoopla, raffle and bric a brac.

I spent AGES trying to work out what a range of antique tools were used for, scoring a not very impressive two out of 10.  I did successfully hoopla the chocolates I was aiming at. But they weren’t hooplad quite perfectly so I lost out!

I also managed to unsuccessfully guess the number of sweets in a jar - and the weight of a tasty looking (and very heavy) cake.

I declined the bouncy castle but did have a go at limboing under an unfeasibly low looking bar. Three turns were enough and I decided limbo wasn’t a strength of mine.

I managed to win £1 in the sand and bought three books to add to my summer reading collection.  And the WI tea and cakes were absolutely delicious.

A lovely afternoon, a wonderful community spirit - and being asked to open the fete was an honour.


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