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Campaigning at Lympstone and Exmouth

Saturday, 14 February 2015 1 Comment by Claire

Spent a few productive hours at Exmouth and Lympstone this morning, talking to people about my campaign, what I hope to achieve if I was elected and listening to people’s concerns.

It was a great morning and I will be campaigning in a different community each Saturday from now on.

Tuesday 17 February, 7pm
Public meeting - Franklins Bar and Restaurant, The Strand - Exmouth

Next Saturday morning (21 February)
Woodbury, Clyst St George and Clyst St Mary

See a full list of election events - public meetings and Saturday events - on the top link of this blog - .

Photograph: Chatting with Lympstone residents today ....


1. At 05:53 pm on 14th Feb Sandra Semple wrote:

And you still recuperating from ‘flu -  hero(ine)!  Hugo is probably in some Middle Eastern country telling them how much we want their business even if their women can’t drive or in some of the places even vote let alone stand for Parliament!

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