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Cllr Susie Bond expresses frustration over Brown investigation

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 1 Comment by Claire

EDDC Feniton councillor, Susie Bond has expressed her frustration at the pace of the police investigation into former EDDC councillor and planning consultant, Graham Brown.

Cllr Bond stormed to a huge victory in a bi-election last year, after Mr Brown was forced to resign.

Her blog can be viewed via the link below….


1. At 07:56 pm on 12th Mar Conrad Black wrote:

It may be, Claire, that I have a short memory, but would I have been correct in thinking that the EDBF consisted of a bit more than ex-Councillor Brown, some landowners and developers.  Did it include specific officers of the EDDC identified by job title?

Now if that happened to be the case, presumably those people representing those offices could not provide any input or comment regarding the matter because they would be fundamentally compromised.  And if they did take any steps to influence the conduct of the matter of ex-Councillor Brown, with whom they would be inextricable linked (whether for good or ill) then a failure to recuse themselves and put the matter in the hands of a provably independent party would be to improperly influence the investigation. 

Hopefully any officers involved would not have been so foolish as to try and influence the course of the investigation, because that would be a matter of public record and rather difficult to deny in a Court.  Just being there is quite enough to create the compromise.

Is it also possible that declarations of interest were not made in a proper and timely manner?

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