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Controversial Devon NHS cuts document now formally released

Friday, 04 November 2016 3 Comments by Claire

A document which sets out what cuts are proposed to be made in light of a looming huge hole in the budgets has now been published by NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group.

This version (I have only scanned it so far) is considerably less explicit and more vague about what cuts might be made.  It talks in terms of “reviews” rather than cuts.

A draft was leaked to the BBC in September and triggered the creation of campaign groups such as North Devon’s “No Red Lines.”

The draft version proposed 100s of bed cuts to community hospitals and 100s of more bed cuts to acute hospitals such as the RD&E. The document also proposed axing whole departments at North Devon District Hospital, such as stroke and maternity among others.

Public pressure has been building recently. As a member of Devon County Council’s health and wellbeing scrutiny committee, I have been inundated with emails from people urging me to demand publication of the document.

All clinical commissioning groups must produce an STP and I understand that they pretty much all involve cuts to services, as they are intended to claw back a looming hole of £30bn in the NHS nationally, by 2020.

The early reviews initially include stroke, A&E, paediatrics, maternity, breast services, ENT, radiology, heart surgery and vascular surgery…. there is much else in the document and I will examine more closely when I get a hard copy for scrutiny…

It is more important than ever that our MPs back Sarah Wollaston and ask for more funding in the chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

Here’s the link -


1. At 10:44 pm on 06th Nov Joan Kelly wrote:

I am rather concerned that a Husband and Wife team are on the Board of the CCG.  This seems wrong to me. I also note that Neil Parish has said that any extra money given to the CCG by Government he believes would not be spent on keeping hospitals open. It seems to me that the CCG needs a good clear out judging by what I have read. How would we go about this Claire?.

2. At 08:35 am on 07th Nov Claire Wright wrote:

Hi Joan, I think we must all publicly protest at what is happening. Write letters to your local newspapers and lobby your MP to ask for more funding. Join this group if you are on FB -

There is more information here too, if you aren’t on FB but it is quite north Devon focused -

If you google “Save our Hospitals” a raft of websites appears. The crisis is happening all over the country due to underfunding. But in Devon we have particular issues because of our growing elderly population, size and rural nature.

3. At 10:50 pm on 07th Nov Joan Kelly wrote:

Hi Claire I think we need to get rid of these CCGs they are not there for the benefit of the people by any stretch of the imagination.  They are detested across the country for their wasteful behaviour. Nobody has any faith in them at all.  I think we need to lobby the Government to get rid of them. I agree to a point with treating people in their own homes, but this appears to be a more expensive option from what I have been told.  People are even calling for the NHS to be privatised as they think everybody would get a better deal. I don’t use facebook.Can we not start a Government Petition online to get rid of CCGs?.

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