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Useful information and guidelines for commenting

Friday, 10 May 2013 0 Comments by Claire

Guidelines for commenting on my blog
Here are the guidelines for commenting on my blog -

Want to plant some trees?  The Woodland Trust can help you and can provide free tree packs. For more information see this link -

The parishes in my ward and parish council meetings
Buckerell Parish Council meetings are held on alternate months. For more information see -

Feniton Parish meetings are usually held on the first Monday of every month. For more information see -

Gittisham Parish Council meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of every month. For more information see -

Ottery St Mary (includes the villages of West Hill, Tipton St John and Alfington)
Ottery St Mary Town Council’s full meeting takes place on the first Monday in every month

Planning meetings take place most Monday evenings
For more information see -
For more information on events in and around Ottery, here’s the tourist information website -

Sidmouth Town Council, which includes Sidbury, holds its meeting on the first Monday in every month. See -

How to report a pothole
Complete this form  or ring 0845 155 1004.  If the pothole is taking some time to repair, please let me know and I will try and speed things up.

Active and imminent road closures/roadworks
This link will take you to an interactive map which, if you zoom in, will show all the roadworks/road closures in Devon. Quite useful for checking in advance of your journey if you are not sure whether the roadworks on your journey to work, have finished or are still ongoing… 

To report pollution and water blockages
Water and land pollution, or blockages which increase the risk of flooding, should be reported to the Environment Agency incident hotline on 0800 807060 (Freephone 24 hour service).

To report a broken streetlight 

The East Devon District Council list of accredited tree surgeons
These are tree surgeons that have met minimum standards required by the Arboricultural Association


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