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East Devon MP appears to be missing on motion to ensure more transparency on NHS cuts

Friday, 16 September 2016 4 Comments by Claire

An important motion put before parliament this week on ensuring much more transparency over proposed controversial cuts failed with 195 in favour, verses 280 against.

This is extremely disappointing, given our situation in Devon, which is at the top of the list of being financially challenged, with huge bed cuts planned across acute and community hospitals.

This was only revealed by the BBC in a leaked document last week.

The motion read:  “That this house notes with concern that NHS sustainability and transformation plans are expected to lead to significant cuts to changes to frontline services; believes that the process agreed by the Government in December 2015 lacks transparency and the timeline announced by NHS England is insufficient to finalise such a major restructure of the NHS; further believes that the timeline does not allow for adequate public or parliamentary engagement in the formulation of the plans; and calls on the government to publish the plans and to provide an adequate consultation period for the public and practitioners to respond.”

This is a thoroughly excellent motion in my opinion and cannot surely be disagreed with, except perhaps by a political party who appear to be calling the damaging shots in relation to bringing the NHS to its metaphorical knees.

Our MP, Hugo Swire is no longer a foreign office minister and his twitter feed showed him in Westminster this week, yet he is not listed as voting on the motion.  Is this a mistake?. Mr Swire claims to care about local hospitals. This debate should surely have been a number one priority for him.

Where was he?


1. At 01:10 pm on 17th Sep Paul F wrote:

Hugo is a Conservative MP and former minister so he is extremely well versed in the concept of saying one thing and doing another.

I would imagine he might well be a fully paid up senior member of the Society of Janus.

2. At 10:33 pm on 17th Sep Jenna carpenter wrote:

This man is an expensive waste of space. He has no interest in East Devon unless collecting votes.  Is it possible for East Devon residents to submit a claim of no confidence in this man.  It would have been so different Claire if you had been successful.  NHS problems are increasing and it is seriously worrying. Wretched man.

3. At 12:55 pm on 21th Sep Paul F wrote:

I must protest - Jenna Carpenter is being very unfair in her criticisms of Hugo Swire.

Firstly, he is no longer as expensive as he used to be - he gets paid a lot less now he is only an MP and not a Minister of State - though he still earns much more than most of us as an MP and presumably he still pays his wife for constituency services (as well as employing other PAs to do the real admin - though he still never seems to have enough staff to respond to constituent letters).

Secondly if he acts for us and represents us properly then he is starting to deliver some value, and he stated publicly on rejoining the back-benches, that he was glad that he could stop jetting around the world as a Foreign Office Minister and now spend time being a constituency MP, free now to speak on behalf of East Devon - but oops, we recently heard that he has now promised to spend his working hours working for other causes like his recent appointment as Chairman of the Conservative Middle East Council (and which presumably means jetting to the Middle East reasonably frequently).

So, calling him simply “an expensive waste of space” is not doing him justice, not getting across the major character points.

No, this says nothing for his fervour for democracy - he has had praise from various foreign politicians for he fearless championing of democracy in third world countries (despite being a minister in a government which pays such scant regard to democracy here in the UK) - but oops, it seems that the purpose of the CMEC includes promoting arms deals with countries renowned for human-rights violations where they may well be used to suppress democracy.

And let us not forget his comments only 18-months ago when he said how much he liked “visiting East Devon at this time of year” - in other words, he is a fair weather visitor!!!

No - Jenna has completely failed to do him justice. He is not just “an expensive waste of space” - he is “OUR expensive, inconsistent, self-focused, self-promoting, selfish, arrogant, insensitive, waste of space”.

4. At 03:42 pm on 21th Sep Jenna Carpenter wrote:

Paul F how right you are.  Why oh why do they keep voting ‘our’ expensive waste of space back as our MP.  He has rarely represented us and obviously does not care.  There are such critical issues which require urgent attention and an MP able and willing to protect in particular our NHS.  I have deep worries on the affects of this next phase of cuts to the services provided by the NHS.  I fear for our elderly and the increase/continuing increase in the number of East Devon residents requiring medical support.  More and more houses are being built putting an unachievable strain on all NHS services and they still talk about cuts.  Hugo, Hugo who? where is he and what is he doing to help his constituents?  Anger is an inadequate word for how I feel about our ineffective MP,  his lack of action, concern or commitment.  Thank goodness for Claire Weight who does care and is regularly seen out there fighting our corner.

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