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Five hospitals now on ‘black alert’ as demand outstrips supply

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 0 Comments by Claire

This must be a first surely. Five Westcountry hospitals on black alert. Not a bed in sight. Hundreds of operations cancelled because there are just no beds.

A great time to plan to cut beds in community hospitals… but just who is to blame for this crisis?

A useless flu jab and a cut in funding appear to be the two main causes, coming at the same time as a higher demand with more elderly people with complex health needs.

The NHS isn’t really ringfenced, that’s just misleading government rhetoric. The growth funding has dropped from around six percent a few years ago, to roughly levels of inflation, which are hovering at about one percent.

Under Mr Lansley’s watch, the government spent THREE BILLION POUNDS on reorganising the NHS into an incomprehensible mess.

By 2019, we are informed that the NHS in Devon could be around £430 MILLION in the red. 

Just what has the Conservative led coalition done to the NHS?  And can it be saved before it is too late?  I truly hope so.


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