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Former Independent MP outlines benefits of being an Indie at Westminster…

Monday, 25 February 2019 3 Comments by Claire

Great piece from Martin Bell on what it’s like to be an Indie in Westminster.

Martin was the former BBC war correspondent elected to represent Tatton in the 90s amid a storm of controversy over former Tatton Tory MP, Neil Hamilton, who was accused of taking cash for asking questions…

He was famously ‘handbagged’ by Christine Hamilton who took exception to Martin’s searching questions to her husband on the corruption rumours that surrounded him.

Martin Bell was one of a very small number of genuinely Independent MPs (ie those who haven’t fallen out with their parties).

As he says, there are many benefits of being an Indie at Westminster!

Here’s the article -


1. At 06:31 pm on 25th Feb Paul F wrote:

There is a lesson to be learned from this article - namely that Martin was ableto unseat the local Tory because the local Liberal and Labour parties were willing to stand aside for the most likely candidate to beat the Tories in order to avoid splitting the vote.

If only the East Devon Labour and Liberal constituency parties were as willing to put country before party.

2. At 11:40 pm on 26th Feb Joan Kelly wrote:

Martin Bell was a 5 minute wonder in a white suit. He wasn’t re-elected as the people saw right through him i.e. he was intent on getting revenge on Neil Hamilton. What these politicians seem to have forgotten is, we the people employ them.

3. At 06:27 pm on 27th Feb Sandra Semple wrote:

Vince Cable promised that Lib Dems would not stand against Independents.  He didn’t say NEW independents so he must mean ALL independents if he is a man of his word.  Especially as the most successful current Independent by far is Claire.

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