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Highways budget cuts - have your say on DCC plans

Monday, 25 November 2013 2 Comments by Claire

Devon County Council Highways department must make savings of £6.9m.

The council has set out a range of proposed cost cutting measures that are on its website.

The proposals are:

- Reduce locally determined highway drainage and cleaning activities carried out by Parish Lengthsmen
- Review gully emptying schedules to concentrate more on problem gullies
- Stop specialist tree surveying on trees on privately owned land close to, but not on the highway
- Stop routine renewal of non-essential road markings
- Only repair streetlights when two or more lights become faulty
- Stop cutting grass verges on minor roads (except for safety reasons)
- Stop annual routine cleaning of cattle grids
- Stop providing free stiles and gates to landowners with a public right of way and reduce vegetation clearance on more paths
- Stop maintenance of variable message road signs and remove when they become defective

When you comment, please remember the proposal for wildflower verges, as this may help the less often cut verges remain pretty, at least for the summer months - and of course, they are brilliant for wildlife.

Here’s the link:

Officers are asking for your views on the proposals until Friday 13 December.


1. At 03:20 pm on 25th Nov Sandra Semple wrote:

Personally, I would prefer to pay slightly more council tax and have these services reinstated.  I appreciate that an increase in council tax bills would be difficult for everyone but many people do receive help with their bills.

We really have to decide now:  do we pay for services we need now or may need in future or do we let them go possibly never to return.

2. At 03:40 pm on 05th Dec R G Galling wrote:

With the very important exception of cutting verges and hedges for visibility expecailly at junctions. I thoroughly agree with cuts. Too much money is wasted on cutting verges.

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