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How Amber Rudd let the appalling ‘Windrush’ suffering drag on…

Tuesday, 24 April 2018 1 Comment by Claire

I’ve been following this story closely and have been completely appalled at by the never-ending revelations of the awful suffering experienced by people who have lived here completely legitimately for almost all their lives.

Initially, Amber Rudd and Theresa May disgracefully attempted to blame the civil service for their own actions and their own nasty xenophobic policies on immigration.

If you read the article you will see that the Guardian newspaper has been contacting the Home Office about the suffering experienced by the Windrush people for around six months.

Unfortunately, all journalists received were dry statements advising seeking legal action, which of course, the victims of these policies could not afford to do because they had been made virtually destitute by these cruel policies.

It was only when the story became so high profile that ministers couldn’t ignore it any more that Mrs May and Mrs Rudd, inch by inch, conceded ground.

Neither Theresa May nor Amber Rudd deserves to be in a position of such power over the lives of innocent people. They cannot be trusted not to abuse it.

This ministerial callousness though, is nothing new. We see it time and time again.

Through austerity, through demonising people on low incomes who have the temerity to claim benefits, through repeating like a mantra, a web of half truths on the state of public services, the NHS, and their record on environmentalism (which is abysmal). And of course the load of tosh we’re continually spoonfed on Brexit…

When anything goes wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault.

When I look at the current cabinet, I see a group of amoral hardened cynical men and women who have difficulty with the word “truth” and think only of one thing.

How to keep power. Apparently at any cost.

We desperately need integrity, honour and compassion in national politics. A civilised society depends on it.


1. At 02:08 pm on 24th Apr Paul F wrote:

Amber Rudd has now said that the Windrush migrants, and indeed migrants from other Commonwealth countries who came here before 1973 can apply for citizenship. And they won’t be charged an application fee either. And some of them might get compensation (though I am sure that getting this will be like a combination of squeezing blood from a stone and having all your teeth and your kidneys simultaneously removed without the benefit of any anaesthetic).

Not only is this already 5 months or 2 years or 8 years too late, depending on whether you blame Amber Rudd or Theresa May, but the worse thing is that Amber Rudd still hasn’t “got it” - with these mealy mouthed weaselly words she is simply demonstrating her ongoing racism because all these immigrants are already British Citizens - they simply lack the paperwork to prove it because they were never given it when they arrived, were never asked to preserve the paperwork they had, but mostly because the Home Office destroyed the paperwork that they held in a bonfire of the Landing Papers.

So when Claire talks about integrity, honour and compassion, I see these as the things that define us as being British. With the Windrush saga being simply the latest in a long, long line of examples of lies and dishonour and nastiness, I no longer see today’s Britain as being British in the way it used to be. We have a Government that I despise for the way it treats everyone who is not ultra-rich with disdain, and an MP I despise for being the perfect example of what is wrong with politics in this country.

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