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I promise to do all I can to protect local NHS services and hospitals

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 0 Comments by Claire

I have signed a pledge which aims to ensure any councillors elected to Devon County Council on 4 May will do all they can to retain local health services, hospital beds and hospital buildings has been launched by the campaign group, Save Our Hospital Services - East Devon.

It is an entirely reasonable pledge and shouldn’t cause candidates to hesitate a single second over backing it.

Our local health services and hospitals have never been more at risk.


Health services in East Devon must not be sacrificed to protect ring-fenced spending elsewhere in the county or to support a flawed political ideology.

I am committed to work for the retention and development of a full range of services and healthcare facilities in East Devon, including services for mental health treatment for adults and young persons and those specialist health services that have been targeted for removal.

I will not support any move towards accelerated “Care in the Home” provision until the CCG provides sound, evidenced and financially viable assurances that the proposed service would provide a level of care equal to, or greater than, that which the existing community hospital’s already deliver, especially for our elderly and vulnerable population.

I want to see the restoration of community beds at hospitals across East Devon, the cancellation of the decision to remove beds from other local hospitals and a stop to the creation of ‘health hubs’ as a smokescreen for permanent bed losses. We must ensure accessible and equitable healthcare provision for residents across East Devon.

There must be adequate and fair funding for the NHS and social care in Devon and, if elected, I will vote accordingly whenever the opportunity arises. I will neither support nor endorse any program or policy which accelerates the removal of community beds, nor which advocates the promotion of “bed-less hospitals” as an alternative to inpatient beds in local hospitals.

It is our NHS and it should be free at the point of use, accessible and responsive to where people live. There must be recognition of the needs of isolated rural communities.
I pledge to support the provision of health and social care in East Devon.


Pic:  Ottery Hospital, potentially at risk from being owned by the government’s NHS Property Services, which acquired 12 local hospital buildings for free and is now charging big commercial rents.


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