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Latest Devon social care survey reveals concerns among people about service

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 0 Comments by Claire

People involved with Devon’s social care service and their carers have indicated they have a range of concerns about the service and how safe they feel as a result of their care.

An annual report presented at Devon County Council’s Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee last Thursday (25 January) stated that in five out of 25 areas the council scored near or at the bottom of the south west league table for care provided, in a survey that took place in 2016.

The questions where Devon County Council performed poorly in the survey were:
• How good is the social care related quality of life of service users? (bottom of the SW league table).
• Do service users feel safe? (Third from bottom of the SW league table)
• Do the services that people receive help them to feel safe? (bottom of the SW league table)
• Do carers have as much social contact as they would like? (third from bottom of the SW league table)
• What is the impact on their quality of life of the services that people receive? (bottom of the SW league table)

In all of those areas, the performance has declined since the previous survey.

And in two areas – those relating to safety – the Devon Safeguarding Adults Board have been made aware of the concerns.

The narrative stated that the safety questions were a perception indicator and were as much about community safety as they were about the quality of social care services.

Further work in the form of focus groups has since been undertaken and results just received, reported head of social care, Tim Golby, at last Thursday’s meeting.

I asked a series of questions about these results at the meeting and have asked to be involved with this piece of work from now on.  I was nominated by the Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee Chair to be the link between the committee and this project.

I have today, asked for all documentation relating to the results of these survey question.

Here’s the webcast. It is item 6. Adult Social Care Annual Report -

From left to right. Cllr Andrew Leadbetter, portfolioholder for adult care and health, Tim Golby, head of social care and Jennie Stephens, director of adult social services.


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