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Letter delivered to every Otterton home this week

Friday, 14 July 2017 0 Comments by Claire

The letter below was delivered to every Otterton home this week.

I remain concerned about the impact of Ladram Bay Holiday Park and will continue to work with the parish council on ways of alleviating/mitigating the issues….

Many thanks to members of the parish council who helped deliver it grin

Dear Otterton resident

Following my letters to you during the election period, I have now met (6 July) with the director of Ladram Bay, Zoe House and two of her staff, with several members of Otterton Parish Council. 

Also attending the meeting was Geoff Jung, your EDDC councillor, Devon County Council planning highways officer, Jerry Upfield and EDDC planning officer, Nigel Barratt. 

Chairman, John Fudge, vice-chair, John Hiles and Tony Farrington from the parish council also attended the meeting.

We were given a tour of the site where we asked various questions. Afterwards we sat around a table and Cllr Fudge led discussions on the concerns that have been expressed by many of you on the problems with traffic, the congestion caused by visitors and the large caravans that are delivered regularly.

I supported Cllr Fudge’s comments. I explained that after I distributed my letter in April, I was inundated with emails and phone calls from many of you.  It is obvious that there are many concerns about the traffic and the recent expansion of the park. 

Ways of alleviating the existing traffic were discussed and Jerry Upfield suggested that a section be included on the website for visitors to be considerate when driving through Otterton.  A bus to and from the park was also discussed.  We also had many questions about planning issues.

We were told that there are no current plans for expansion of the site.

I am pleased that Zoe House agreed to attend a public meeting during November for Otterton residents to be able to air their views. We will be in touch about this nearer the time.

Please contact me or Otterton Parish Council if you have further queries on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Claire Wright


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