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letter from a disenchanted Conservative voter

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 1 Comment by Claire

I have copied word for word a letter I received today from a disenchanted Conservative voter:

Dear Mrs Wright

I’m sorry we were out when you called recently.

I have been a life-long Conservative voter at local and general elections since getting the vote at 18 - I am now 81.

However, I have been very impressed by your efforts with regard to the LDF and shall be voting for you on May 5th.

My exasperation with EDDC (Tory controlled!) reached boiling point this week when I received a flyer from Sara Randall Johnson and Tony Howard telling me that the Conservatives will ‘protect East Devon from over-development’!!!

How hypocritical can you get!

Yours faithfully


1. At 03:33 pm on 04th May Mark Hawkins wrote:

That’s what we really need to know, that life long tory voters can see through the garbage. Let’s hope there are plenty more of them. Good luck tomorrow.

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