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MP Tessa Munt on cash for access scandal:  “MPs shouldn’t have second jobs”

Monday, 23 February 2015 3 Comments by Claire

I heard LibDem Tessa Munt’s interview on BBC Radio 4 this evening and it must have struck a chord with just about everyone who listened.

She expressed amazement that an MP could ever have time to do another job because she didn’t have enough hours in the day to carry out her MP duties.

Hearing Malcolm Rifkind plead poverty on a salary of £60,000 plus a year and claiming this rather handsome sum needs to be supplemented to attract good quality MPs is as pathetic, as it is grasping.

If I became East Devon’s MP I would NOT take other paid work. I would dedicate myself 100 per cent to being a strong and hard-working constituency MP…..

.... How many jobs does our current MP have?  And does he have the time to properly represent the people of East Devon?


1. At 11:30 pm on 23th Feb Joan Kelly wrote:

Should the same rules not apply to Councillors?. Some Councillors are claiming more in allowances and expenses than local people earn despite the fact that they have other jobs, or companies. I am not including you in this Claire.
People are fed up of politicians whether it’s at grass roots level, or higher up the ladder “scrounging” off the hard pressed tax payer. Too many snouts in the trough.
A gentleman I knew once remarked in relation to Councillors ” a gang of idiots spending their neighbour’s money” and I am beginning to agree with him.

2. At 10:53 am on 24th Feb Sandra Semple wrote:

I have no problem with councillors claiming reasonable expenses (though as with others I chose not to claim them when I was a councillor) and reasonable costs if, say, you need to pay for childcare to attend late evening meetings.  I AM against allowances (effectively a salary).  I recall totting up that at least one of our EDDC/DCC councillors ( definitely not Claire or Roget Giles) is clearing £40,000 plus per annum plus said expenses.  AND until recently district and county councillors could receive pension contributions though that is to end.  Yes, being a councillor takes many hours a week - but it should be done for public service not financial gain.

3. At 10:34 am on 26th Feb Tim wrote:

Having no allowances would bar a number of good people from roles in public life but, when you look at who claims what, I think you can get a good idea of who sees the role as a way of lining their pocket, and who seeks to serve their community.
Our current MP Hugo Swire is one of those who has also long employed his wife, with a current salary quoted as between £30 kand £40 k, as well as other assistants. Source:

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