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My odds with Ladbrokes shift downwards again…

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 3 Comments by Claire

My odds on winning the East Devon Parliamentary seat shifted another two notches down, as I launched my manifesto yesterday.

Ladbrokes now rate me at 10/1 - down from 12/1.

Mr Swire’s odds have lengthened.

The other parties odds remain static.


1. At 11:01 am on 28th Jan Sandra Semple wrote:

Let’s not forget they started at 66/1, then 33/1, then 25/1 and then 12/1 before today.  You must be doing something right!

2. At 03:29 pm on 28th Jan clive paul wrote:

Great news!  Lets hope this gets publicity and exposure.

3. At 10:06 am on 29th Jan ROBERT SMITH wrote:

I am sure you can win Claire.  You have two votes here for sure.  We will give you full support for the future.
Best Regards, Peter and Mavis Smith.

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