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My post-Brexit environment watchdog beef up motion rejected by Devon County Council

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 0 Comments by Claire

My post-Brexit environment watchdog motion, which called on the government to strengthen its plans for a body which oversees environmental policy after the UK leaves the European Union, was voted down in a few minutes by the Conservatives on Devon County Council last week.

I told the council last Thursday at its full council meeting, that the current plans by Michael Gove, Secretary of State, meant a significant reduction of powers in the ability to bring to court polluters, and in fact government, if it fails to produce policy in line with keeping our seas, air and nature safe and free from pollution.

Top lawyers have dismissed the plans as “toothless.”

Currently, strong EU legislation exists which means that companies and government will be breaking the law if they engage in such activities.

Unfortunately, one of the many downsides of leaving the EU is that these strict laws will lost once we Brexit.

Devon County Council’s cabinet had previously recommended that the spirit of my motion be endorsed, which is not the same as actually acting on it.

The Conservative councillors all supported this recommendation last Thursday.

I have no idea why Conservatives, whose name appears to mean some kind of protection, seem to not give a fig about protecting our planet, which as we heard yesterday (and have had for many years) is in serious peril.

It reminds me of that Joney MItchell Song… Big Yellow Taxi…  and of the Oscar Wilde quote:  “They know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.”

All we can do is keep on keeping on.

Here’s the background.

Pic:  Addressing full council last week.


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