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Ottery area broadband improvements delayed by around two months

Tuesday, 15 July 2014 1 Comment by Claire

Broadband improvements in the Ottery area have been delayed until around September time due to problems with the existing infrastructure.

Following enquiries from residents I enquired about the situation from Devon County Council officers who got in touch with BT who confirmed that work to deliver broadband improvements to 10 cabinets requires “significant infrastructure build” ... which need “road closures that have been hard to programme in.”

Engineers confirm that once the infrastructure has been built then the cabinets can all be upgraded. Work will take place around September time providing that engineers don’t find any further problems.

High speed broadband was set to come to the Ottery area by the end of this month - see this link -


1. At 10:02 am on 17th Jul Chris wrote:

Thank you Claire.  I was beginning to wonder, as there had been no information at all on the BT site.  It has been a long wait so I suppose a few more months is not too bad!


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