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Ottery Tar Barrels. Another massive success and plastic free meant a huge reduction in litter!

Tuesday, 06 November 2018 0 Comments by Claire

I made essential but many failed attempts to get decent photos of the barrels.

But it’s tricky to get a decent shot when trying not to get burnt! Wild and raw… and yes very definitely edgy, tar barrels.

I explained to a worried 10 year old that the effigy on top of bonfire was def not a real man (at least now).

And recounted the grisly details of Fawkes’s death to my friend’s fascinated 13 year old son…

Plastic Free Ottery’s recently achieved plastic free status meant I only found three recyclable tankards after searching the town at about 11pm… what a massive difference that made.

The litter reduction was incredible. And this morning the town was miraculously clear of all litter thanks to the heroic efforts of EDDC’s Streetscene officers.

The magic was fully present. I loved it. And it was so great to catch up with old friends.

Looking forward to next year and a massive congratulations to Rob Wickham and the rest of the Tar Barrels Committee for a fantastically well organised and well marshalled event.

Pic: A fairly rubbish photo of the bonfire being ceremonially lit.


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