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Parliament MUST be recalled for an urgent vote over military action in Syria

Friday, 13 April 2018 0 Comments by Claire

The use of chemical weapons is appalling ... but how can our Prime Minister POSSIBLY justify taking military action alongside the reckless US (and France), with only the backing of her Conservative cabinet?

So we’re not going to get a UN Security Council resolution because Russia holds a veto… BUT….

... In a parliamentary democracy the decision to go to war with another country is a deadly serious issue. Even more so when it concerns getting involved in one of the most dangerous, complex and febrile conflicts in modern times.

Her decision not to recall parliament for a democratic vote is a sickening indictment of the autocracy that appears to be running our country right now.

A minority Conservative government propped up by the DUP does NOT have the moral right to take this massively significant decision.

Mrs May might also like to reflect on the UK’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia which has resulted in widespread deaths of innocent adults and children in Yemen…

Parliament MUST be recalled for an urgent debate.


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