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Picking up the pieces after Friday’s dreadful fire at Ottery’s Pine Shop

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 1 Comment by Claire

Traffic and arrangements for catching buses has been chaotic since the fire on Friday in the Pine Shop that has tragically destroyed much of the historic building and rendered it and Roberts DIY next door, unstable.

Both shops remain closed and the access from the Square into Silver Street, which is one of the main routes in and out of Ottery St Mary, remains closed indefinitely.

Today, scaffolders continued to erect struts that take up much of the entire first section of Silver Street and also access to Brook Street - the first section is also closed, from the bottom of Silver Street.

Residents have taken to Ottery Matters Facebook page to vent their frustration at the arrangements with the traffic and buses, which have not been able to come into the town as they cannot turn around in the Square anymore

The diversion is not really directing traffic in a particular direction and many people (including me) are getting home or through the town via the teeny tiny Batts Lane, which is causing much reversing in and out of Yonder Street and Sandhill Street as a result. All very annoying.

I now have agreement from Stagecoach that drivers will drop people off and pick people up at the Sainsbury’s delivery entrance opposite the Land of Canaan Car Park and that Devon County Council will post a message on the electronic board next to the butchers directing people to the new temporary location.

I have also requested an urgent meeting with senior highways officers and building control officers to decide a way forward for the traffic and for the town. There are many implications for a long term road closure such as this and all need to be considered.  At the very least it may affect trade at a time when traders can least afford it.

I send my thoughts to Martin from the Pine Shop and to Ros Brown, who are now unable to trade for the foreseeable future.

There’s much to consider and much to plan for.  Many thanks to Glyn Dobson, Ian Holmes and Peter Faithfull for all their efforts.

I am on the case….

Pic:  How the Silver Street exit from the Square in Ottery St Mary, looks as of today.


1. At 04:09 pm on 18th Sep Sue Clayton wrote:

Thank you Claire for addressing the various issues resulting from the fire.
I was dismayed by the negative context of the posts on Ottery Matters.  This fire is unfortunate and inconvenient for the residents of the town.  This inconvenience pales into insignificance compared to the distruction that Martin, Ros and the residents of the flats and the potential loss of business to   Neighbouring businesses. 
We all need to work together to support our businesses and show consideration to one another when we have to drive from one side of town to another.  Perhaps a local, one way, diversion could be considered .

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