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Planning application submitted for 120 houses at Feniton

Thursday, 13 October 2011 0 Comments by Claire

A planning application has been submitted to build 120 houses plus business units on land south of Ottery Road in Feniton.

It appears it is the first large-scale application of many.  At least two other developers are looking to build in the village, with proposals of over 300 houses.  However, just 35 houses have been allocated to Feniton in the Local Development Framework process, as a village of around 700 homes currently.

Residents have launched a campaign against the proposals.

Half the land in this application falls into the Ottery St Mary Rural Ward so as the district councillor, I will be a key consultee on the application, which will be debated on Monday 17 October, by Ottery St Mary Town Council.  The meeting starts at 7.30pm. 

Feniton Parish Council will also consider the application over the next week or so, date to be agreed.


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