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Relaxation on ‘bad neighbour’ businesses in East Devon?

Friday, 04 November 2011 0 Comments by Claire

A recommendation to remove a policy to control dirty, noisy or smelly businesses in the district, has been voted through by the Local Development Framework Panel earlier this week (Tuesday).

The Bad Neighbour Uses’ policy, which is used by many councils across the country, is designed to protect residents from such businesses from starting up near to, or in communities.

The justification was that the thrust of the policy is covered elsewhere and that it was ‘ambiguous.’

I argued strongly against the deletion of the policy from the Local Plan on the basis it could be damaging to residents.  I believe it weakens EDDC’s position and sends a message to developers that EDDC is less concerned about the issue. 

And surely, if there is a specific policy relating to this issue then EDDC would have a stronger case for refusal for such an application and would therefore, be more likely to successfully defend appeals.

I cannot accept that there is any justification for the removal of this policy and I am convinced it is not in the interests of East Devon residents, particularly combined with the proposals for industrial and commercial units in villages.

I hope very much that when the Local Plan is submitted for public consultation next month that there will be many objections to its removal.



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