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Second angry letter to Mr Swire over Brexit from erudite resident

Thursday, 07 February 2019 0 Comments by Claire

Another remarkable letter from the same resident who wrote to Mr Swire last week, furious over Brexit… (Mr Fage is Mr Swire’s aide)

Dear Mr Fage,

Around ten days ago, I wrote to Sir Hugo about the utter Brexit shambles in which he is actively playing a part. Whilst I appreciate the time you put in to discussing this with me on the telephone the following day, I note I still have yet to receive even an acknowledgment from Sir Hugo himself. In your email, you say he tends to hit “reply all” rather than always being able to respond individually in every case, but still nothing…

This, in itself, shows at the very least a lack of courtesy, but could equally be construed as utter contempt for a constituent who, on behalf of their young family, has taken the time and effort to request his support on a matter which affects all present and future generations, not just me and those closest to me.

Today I read with renewed horror that in the event of a no-deal Brexit, mobile roaming charges will be reinstated with immediate effect. Davis Davies’s hollow promises of “only upsides” to Brexit look ever more vacuous now with yet another blow to the lives we had all begun to take for granted.

Mobile roaming charges were a complete racket so the introduction of this EU legislation was a massive boon for my wife and I as we could continue to work effectively whilst being out of the country, be it travelling down through continental Europe in our campervan or by train, or visiting our family in Dublin or Cork. Sir Hugo, along with his honourable and right honourable colleagues appear to have bowed yet again to the profits of big business (in this case the mobile phone companies) to the detriment of the public they pertain to serve (see

So as we seem to roll inexorably towards the no-deal Brexit that virtually nobody requested, other than the disgraceful, self-serving members of the European Research Group and Mr Farage, I have to ask again, when Sir Hugo will see fit to stand up and declare this whole situation a complete and utter disaster that must be stopped before it is genuinely too late.

The referendum, as we all know, delivered a result, albeit by a slim majority, in favour of leaving the EU. The trouble with this appalling designed question is that Brexit itself was undefined, and thus open to massive interpretation. I am absolutely confident that almost every single one of those voters who opted for Leave did not expect or wish for the position we now find ourselves in, hemmed in between no-deal and a flawed deal with the universally unacceptable backstop (which even the Brady amendment to which Sir Hugo pinned his colours hasn’t managed to resolve).

Suddenly the arithmetic in favour of Leave falls apart - the only public mandate was possibly for the wildly fantastical promises made by Mr Johnson, Mr Gove, Mr Farage et al, and they’ve been proven to be impossible in the 21st century (not through any EU malice or intransigence, but by the simple setting of the world in which we now all live, a world which has moved on from the apparent utopia of Britain’s Empire days).

If an indicative public vote were to be held tomorrow, would the government even get 20% support for the present scenario? I sincerely doubt it. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of the three viable options (leave with Mrs May’s deal, leave with no deal, or revoke Article 50) almost certainly lies with remain first, Mrs May’s deal second and no-deal a dismal third, notwithstanding the continued poisonous fuelling of anti-European hatred by the tabloid press.

This alone surely has to be sufficient to hit the emergency brake? Mr Swire and the Conservative Party are not enacting the wishes of the people, they are indulging Jacob Rees-Mogg and his cohort to keep the party together.

Party over country.

If we do end up in a no-deal scenario, I shall hold Sir Hugo personally responsible for his abject failure to intervene in the realisation of the fantasies of the far-right of the Conservative Party. His constituents will suffer from March 30th 2019 onwards, to varying degrees certainly, but he has been complicit in allowing it. Please advise Mr Swire that history shall not judge him favourably for the role he is presently playing.

In the interests of full disclosure, I shall again be copying Claire Wright in on this email, and I am happy for her to disclose some or all of this on her blog. The Labour Party’s executive is doing a dismal job of holding the government to account nationally, but locally, Ms Wright is demonstrating that she cares more about the constituents of East Devon than Sir Hugo.

Perhaps it is because I am below fifty? Perhaps it is because I am a resident of the Exmouth Town ward (the poorest ward in East Devon I believe) rather than the more leafy corners of Budleigh or Sidmouth? Or perhaps it is simply because Sir Hugo has forgotten that his role as a backbencher is to serve his constituents properly and personally. I sincerely hope it is not the latter, and that a quiet word in Sir Hugo’s ear will remind him that his constituents’ perception is everything.

I apologise if the tone of this email is angry, but that is because, right now, I am truly angry: angry at the stupidity of a government who can knowingly put its country on such a perilous and self-destructive trajectory; Mr Swire needs to know this, and to truly understand it, because I assure you that I am one of many who feel this way.

I thank you for your role as messenger, and, with the very greatest of respect, I sincerely hope that the next communication I receive from the Houses of Parliament is from my actual Elected Member.



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