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Son’s 200-mile London-Devon journey beats ambulance to Exmouth resident

Thursday, 07 February 2019 1 Comment by Claire

This is awful and shows what almost a decade of underfunding has done to the NHS.

Teams are doing their best but it is against all odds. There just aren’t enough vehicles or staff to be able to run the service as it should be and as a result people are suffering.

As the story states South Western Ambulance Trust saying that the demand is unprecedented I have asked for an item on the next Devon County Council Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee meeting.

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1. At 03:03 pm on 08th Feb Chris East wrote:

As usual blame the patients.  There has been a shortage of vehicles and staff in ambulance services across England for the last 16 years.  The problem is underfunding by the Tory government.  The ambulance service should be funded to deal with peaks in demand.

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