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Tar Barrels - the bonfire is ready, the fairground is buzzing, Monday is just a few hours away

Saturday, 03 November 2018 0 Comments by Claire

The hedgehog friendly bonfire is ready! This year Ottery Tar Barrels goes plastic free, thanks to the Tar Barrels Committee and Plastic Free Ottery!

Robin Wickham ‘s wife talented wife, Emma has designed a keepsake recyclable plastic tankard that should help out massively with the clear up afterwards which is all done by EDDC streetscene by about 6am on the 6th November….

I love Ottery Tar Barrels. The magic and the history that lies behind this iconic event is tangible and it starts with the firing of rock canons at 5.30am grin ... Here’s a few memories from last year!

And here’s all the info you will need if you’re intending to be part of the fun on Monday evening!

See you there!


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