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The so-called Brexit dividend… and other outrageous half-truths, mistruths, myths ....

Sunday, 17 June 2018 0 Comments by Claire

I woke up this morning so peaceful, calm and happy…. but then I looked at Twitter and heard the BBC Radio 4, 8am news bulletin.

The peace was replaced by outrage! .....

Theresa May and her hardline Brexit colleagues, are peddling the out and out lie that a so-called handy soundbite they call a “Brexit dividend”, is going to help give the NHS a cash injection on its 70th birthday.

This had me seeing red for several reasons…

FIRSTLY, the Institute for Fiscal Studies has repeatedly said that there is NO BREXIT DIVIDEND

This is because, yeah, it will cost MORE to leave the EU than it will to stay in because taxes and borrowing will have to rise.

It is simply the latest lie in a disgraceful web, that unfortunately most of the media lap up because those hardline Brexiter voices seem be louder and more aggressive than anyone else on this. ... and because the official opposition doesn’t seem to have any position on Brexit, which is an absolute travesty, given the damage it is doing to this country.

The people who will suffer the most will be those on low incomes, as the likes of Rees Mogg seek to create a low taxation, low spending, deregulated haven for the most wealthy, with public services a low priority.

SECONDLY, the extra funding for the NHS is welcome but comes after a long period of almost no growth, which dropped from around six per cent annually in 2010, to less than one per cent, which it has been for around eight years. The NHS has been brought to its knees by this, while ministers continued to deny there were issues and claimed it was trusts fault for overspending.

THIRDLY, the extra funding announced today for the NHS has already been described by Niall Dickson, the chair of the NHS Confederation as NOT a huge boost and Robert Peston, economist journalist has said the 3.7 per cent extra takes us back to before the Blair/Brown bonanza.

And the NHS has already said it needs four per cent.

So all the fanfare, hype and pomp, is as usual, a smokescreen for a tissue of half-truths, mistruths and outrageous lies.

With the Tories STILL riding relatively high in the polls and the prospect of a possible general election this year, WHEN are people going to wake up to the fact that we seem to be living in a post-truth parallel universe right now?…/status/1008256589051170818


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