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Three members added to panel before vote

Wednesday, 19 October 2011 2 Comments by Claire

Three further members have been added to the Local Development Framework Panel just three weeks prior to the vote on the final recommended plan.

At last week’s full council meeting, the plan to extend the panel was voted through by a majority vote. 

Cllr Roger Giles likened the proposal to extending a jury just prior to the verdict taking place.

I asked what the justification was.  The answer was apparently related to ‘inclusivity’ and the chief executive, Mark Williams, argued that the panel would have further discussions after the consultation ended.

The three new panel members are David Key (former LDF Panel chairman who helped produce the previous controversial plan - Con), David Atkins (Con) and Douglas Hull (Libdem).

It is the second time the panel has been extended in three months.  After the first panel meeting in July, the full council voted on extending the six strong panel to eight, with the addition of Helen Parr (Con) and Alan Dent (Con).

The new additions take the membership of the Local Development Framework Panel to 11.

The panel votes on a revised LDF on 1 November. 



1. At 09:44 pm on 20th Oct Roger Giles wrote:

One wonders why the majority group at EDDC felt the need to pack the LDF Panel with its members.  The membership of the Panel has gone from 4 Conservative, 1 LibDem and 1 Independent to 8 Conservative, 2 LibDem and 1 Independent.  A majority of 4 to 3 was clearly not enough! The justification for the addition of 2 more Conservatives half way through the process was “to achieve better geographical spread” - a concept I had not noticed previously in my 16 years at The Knowle. The justification for the latest increase is apparently “inclusivity”.  Will this inclusivity extend to taking on board the views of the general public in East Devon?

2. At 05:12 pm on 27th Oct Mark Hawkins wrote:

Does this imply that one or more of the existing tories was in danger of ‘going native’ at some point?

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