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Thrilled to be re-elected to Devon County Council today!

Friday, 05 May 2017 13 Comments by Claire

I am absolutely over the moon to be re-elected to Devon County Council this morning with 3,638 votes, a 75 per cent share!......

The Conservative candidate received 1104 votes and the Labour candidate, 123 votes.

I achieved the biggest number of votes and share of the vote in Devon.

I would like to thank the Returning Officer for overseeing this election, the staff on all the polling stations, who I visited yesterday and the people who worked on counting the votes here this morning.

I am absolutely thrilled to be re-elected so resoundingly by people in the Otter Valley Ward.

Being a Devon County Councillor is an absolute privilege and honour and I have loved every minute and I am sure will thoroughly enjoy being the representative for the Otter Valley Ward for the next four years.

Thank you to the dozens of people who helped leaflet and display my boards during this election. 

The biggest thanks must go to my core team of experts – Roger Giles and Malcolm Macdonald who have worked tirelessly for my re-election.  They’re irreplaceable.

I look forward to the next election - whenever it may be - and hope to be as successful as I have been here today!


1. At 12:52 pm on 05th May Richard Glanville wrote:

Well done Claire

2. At 01:24 pm on 05th May Hazel Jeffery wrote:

Congratulations Claire! Newton Poppleford and Harpford Parish Council look forward to working with you. Best regards, Hazel Jeffery.

3. At 02:40 pm on 05th May Philip Algar wrote:

Well done, Claire. Your deserved success shows that hard work, dedication and an energetic approach to helping local voters in their day to day lives can still triumph over disinterest in local affairs and the ability to wear a rosette of a certain colour.

4. At 02:53 pm on 05th May Austin Barrett wrote:

Well done Claire, I was entirely confident that you would wipe the floor with the opposition.

5. At 02:56 pm on 05th May Linda Lowes wrote:

A well deserved victory, well done Claire.  Delighted that you are representing the Otter Valley Ward.

6. At 04:21 pm on 05th May John Belton wrote:

Congratulations Claire - thoroughly deserved. It made my 3 treks up East Hill with your leaflets worthwhile!

7. At 05:15 pm on 05th May Val Ranger wrote:

A thoroughly well deserved win for the person who truly cares about her voters and the environment and who robustly stands up for us in matters of local and national importance.

8. At 05:28 pm on 05th May Roger G iles wrote:

In the Devon County Council elections of May 2013 Claire achieved the biggest vote, the biggest majority, and the biggest share of the vote.
In the Devon County Council elections of 4 May 2017 Claire again achieved the biggest vote, the biggest majority, and the biggest share of the vote of anyone in Devon (actually increasing her vote, her majority and her vote share in the face of a swing to the Conservatives.
Which shows that people really appreciate hardworking and effective councillors.

9. At 06:53 pm on 05th May PH Gillom wrote:

Claire, you are such an outstanding Lady of the People:  you walk your talk…you so should be a MP.  Bravo:  your shining soul for the community honours your family and ancestors!
P.H Gillon

10. At 08:23 pm on 05th May Timothy Cope wrote:

Congratulations to you and your team.
You are a white light in the blue map of politics in Devon.
One can only hope you brightness will continue to increase.

11. At 09:39 pm on 05th May Jackie Green wrote:

A stunning success again, Claire, recognising your deeprooted dedication to Devon, your constituents, and to the fight for the NHS.

12. At 11:25 pm on 05th May Sandra Semple wrote:

It is so good to see hard work, dedication and talent get its deserved result.  Given how much you have already achieved, not just for Ottery but for East Devon and Devon we are all very lucky having you to fight our corner again.

13. At 08:49 am on 06th May Jan Thatcher wrote:

What good news - well done Claire!  This result speaks for itself.  We are very lucky to have you representing Otter Valley.

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