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Top lawyers say Gove’s post Brexit nature watchdog is toothless

Wednesday, 08 August 2018 1 Comment by Claire

Urging the government to provide adequate protections for nature post Brexit is the subject of my motion for debate at full council in October.

Ministers are still claiming that the same protections will be applied that currently exist under EU law, but clearly the lawyers disagree….


1. At 07:30 pm on 08th Aug Paul F wrote:

If the government wanted to protect the environment with legislation that had teeth, it could easily have created it.

The only conclusion you can come to when the government creates a useless watchdog is that it deliberately intends to destroy the environment, presumably in order to make Britain more attractive to multi-national and foreign businesses who would otherwise shun the UK after Brexit because e.g. customs arrangements or currency exchange rates were unfavourable.

Conservatives - for the few big multi-national businesses, not the many UK citizens.

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