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West Hill Road without the Crantock old oaks

Friday, 08 November 2013 1 Comment by Claire

And here’s the view of West Hill Road without those lovely old oaks at Crantock.

The developer, Hugo Headon from H & H Prestige Homes, told the Ottery Herald that a tree surgeon’s report stated that one oak was “a serious danger” and the other needed “expensive tests.” He said the tree was not worth the cost.

This was news to EDDC’s tree officer who said that although there was some dead wood the trees would have lived for at least another 100 years.

Here’s the same view with the oaks still in place last month -

Photograph: Ripped out of the fabric of West Hill - two oaks that were at least 150 years old - and would have lived for another 100 years, at least.


1. At 08:46 pm on 11th Nov Amelia Bell wrote:

Thank you for raising the issue of Tree Protection with the EDDC in October, I hope the Tree Officers at EDDC keep a record of the complaints the public submit of developers removing ancient trees without regard to planning applications. There is much anecdote and it would be good to know the facts of the matter were being collated.

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