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Wednesday, 16 January 2019 2 Comments by Claire

So Mrs May finally had the courage to hold her doomed vote last night - and in line with predictions, she lost.

It was the worst parliamentary defeat on record.

As the constitutional crisis worsens, around 114 Tory MPs were expected to vote down her withdrawal agreement, but the number was actually 118.

A whopping vote of no confidence in Mrs May and her government in itself, even by her own party.

Today Mrs May faces a no confidence vote from the Labour Party, which although the other opposition parties are likely to support, is widely expected to be lost.

Just a few weeks ago her own party members brought about a vote of no confidence in her, but these MPs will support her today!

However, Nigel Dodds, Deputy Leader of the DUP, whose support Mrs May scandalously bought after her disastrous general election result in 2017, strongly criticised the Prime Minister on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning for not listening to other parliamentarians.

Interestingly, he appeared to threaten to withdraw support from the government should Mrs May, in his view, continue to refuse to listen to them.

Mrs May is well aware that the the viability of the government hinges on support from the DUP.

Should the DUP vote against the government in a future confidence vote, it will fall and a general election will be triggered.

I have been consistently disappointed at the vague manoevuring by the Leader of the Opposition. Continual claims by Jeremy Corbyn that he can simply renegotiate with the EU successfully seems to me to be ludicrous.

Today’s vote of no confidence will at least, hopefully move things forward in terms of the Labour Party finally supporting what I see is the only way forward out of this crisis.

A People’s Vote.

Unfortunately, the Maybot’s internal workings seem to be on stuck on malfunction. She claims risibly, that despite the unprecedented defeat of last night, she will continue trying to talk to the EU and re-present her widely derided deal, to parliament.

A bizarre and delusional position.

Like all bullies, she hopes that as the clock runs down to the 29 March and the impending disaster of no deal Brexit, she will scare MPs into voting for her deal.

This is a despicable tactic. And it is no way to run a country. True leadership, especially at times of crisis and an impending catastrophe, is about working with other parties and coming to an adult, mature way forward.

Today, it was confirmed that she has no plans to talk to or work with other party leaders on a way out of this impasse. She will simply talk to ‘senior parliamentarians.’

Mrs May doesn’t really care about the will of the people. The vote in May 2016 was won on the back of lies, corruption and possible criminal activity (currently being investigated by the National Crime Agency).

What Mrs May does care about, in line with her equally self interested government, is power.

This whole process originally started with, and continues, to be about saving the impossibly divided Conservative Party from oblivion.

The position seems to be that as long as the Conservative Party has power, the country can go to hell.

It’s time to grow up, tell the truth (finally) and go back to the people.

It’s the only responsible way forward.


1. At 05:59 pm on 16th Jan Annabel shaw wrote:

As you correctly point out Mrs.May is a bully…saying last night that she is not playing brinkmanship and delaying matters to force her deal through at the very last minute - this is exactely what she is doing. That’s how bullies operate.

2. At 12:02 pm on 18th Jan Chris Wakefield wrote:

Where is the evidence that those who voted in the 2016 referendum had a perfect understanding of what the outcome would be, as is so often claimed? There is none and never can be - and Mrs May’s constant assertion that she knows what the British People voted for is nothing more than self-serving hindsight. We have all learned a lot since 2016 - but mostly we have learned that Brexit is a new religion. It craves ‘leaders’, a constant supply of belligerent rhetoric and an irrational acceptance of undeliverable propositions. Thus we see the normalisation of the no deal option at the extremes of political discourse - much loose talk of ‘liberty’ and ‘independence’ - (always a great favourite of those wishing to work a crowd) - all designed to inflame hope in those most in need of it, with false promises of salvation. The more nebulous the promise the better it is for the job in hand.

The future is always unknown but the past, carefully examined, does offer guidance, and one lesson if offers is that discussion and thought is the only way out of an impasse, So I hope that article 50 is extended to allow plenty of time for the discussions that should have taken place over the last many years, to actually take place - that at least should allow issues like ‘freedom’, ‘independence’, and the evidence of history to be explored anew and lead us to a clearer understanding of what we are hoping for in relation to Europe. How can anyone ‘just get on with it’ when no one knows what ‘it’ is?

The government, now barely legitimate, is currently taking us all to a dangerous place. Slogans, soundbites and snappy mantras are precisely the things we have to ignore whether we think them true or false. As a nation we now need therapy to get over this trauma, before the divisions that have been stoked up, mainly by the Tories, move us to even more dangerous territory. Space for that process doesn’t exist yet, but I hope it soon appears for all our sakes.

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