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Comments on "£13m of Devon service cuts voted through as council tax rises by around five per cent"

1. At 04:33 pm on 16th Feb Chris Wakefield wrote:

DCC Tories have lost the plot. They have no idea how to do local government any more, and lack the imagination even to try to shore up a fast decaying social fabric. Mrs May’s one-nation Tory speech on her accession to power is now drowned out by Brexit - a disaster the Tories inflicted on themselves (and everyone else), - with the ‘national leadership’, from which local politicians might have drawn inspiration, entirely absent except for the odd Diktat - mesmerised by the choice between self destruction or electoral annihilation. So those Tories elected to sustain local services in Devon - the very essence of local government - are now adrift on a rudderless ship, automatons nodding through anything with a blue ticket, to save themselves the trouble of thought.

Can I recommend (forsaking all thoughts of ‘sweeping away’ Tory influence locally) that DCC’s Tories become ‘rebels’, and start to act in a way that seems to them to be most beneficial to the people who elected them.