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Comments on "Officially a candidate in the General Election 2017!"

1. At 11:58 am on 09th May Val Jones wrote:

Good luck Claire. We’re not in your constituency so can’t vote for you but will be following your campaign

2. At 05:56 pm on 09th May Keith Edwards wrote:

Hi Claire, I am aware of your activities locally but wonder where you stand on National and International issues? For example foreign policy, immigration, offshore tax havens, inequality between the rich and the poor, food banks, the privatisation of the NHS to mention just a few concerns. Could you also forward me a copy of your manifesto when it is available. Thank you.

3. At 06:24 pm on 09th May Sarah Taylor wrote:

I am thinking of voting for you in the General Election vote, I would be interested to know your policies/views/opinions and how you would represent me if you were elected.

4. At 08:56 pm on 09th May Phillip Sidaway-Lee wrote:

How can I volunteer to distribute leaflets for you?

5. At 08:15 am on 10th May A m witchell wrote:

It would be good if you could take the time to meet and canvass the residents of Ottery….unlike the recent local election when we voted for you but never had the opportunity to actually hear you in person.

6. At 08:39 am on 11th May Chris Wakefield wrote:

Excellent news! Claire’s environmental credentials should play a significant role in the campaign to elect her to parliament. As a high priority for politicians, environmentaI promises are currently airbrushed away in favor of more pressing popular obsessions. It is worrisome that such the real prospect of a global disaster is still challenged on the basis that it isn’t really happening. Climate change denial is a narrative sustained by global corporates (and now by the Trump administration) to block any impediment to profit making. It is an utterly irresponsible, short term, wrong headed approach and must be challenged at every turn.

The truth is that 98% of respectable scientific opinion agrees that human activity is impacting the climate. Set against this is a farrago of half truths and bad science which purports to show there’s not a problem. But you don’t need to be a climate scientist to find your way to an appropriate response. Consider the following…

If you believe that its happening then you will want to take action to avoid it. If you think it’s not happening you want to do nothing about it. But doing nothing about it could result in absolute disaster, so the deniers have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it isn’t happening before they have any argument to impose doing nothing on the world. At the moment almost everyone says it is happening, so doing something about it seems sensible and even if it turns out that it wasn’t happening, we will all be fine except for a bit of egg on the faces of all the scientists who said it was happening. But having egg on a few faces is much better than no faces on which have egg. It might be a bit embarrassing but at least we’re all fine.

If you want to see this argument brilliantly expressed watch David Mitchell’s soap box video. And make the case any climate change denier you meet.

7. At 09:09 am on 11th May Claire Wright wrote:

Hi there, my manifesto will be available on this website from this weekend. If once you have read it you would like more information please drop me a line at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .

Thanks v much for the offer of leafleting if you could email me that would be great. 

Re Ottery, we will do our best with the very short time we have available.  Certainly, we will hold a town centre event v soon.

I did canvass hundreds of houses in Ottery during the county elections. I can’t call on every house because I can’t physically get to them - there around 5500 of them, but you should all have had three leaflets. If there is something specific please do get in touch via the email above.

Thanks v much!

8. At 10:29 pm on 12th May Daphne Searle wrote:

Hi Claire, Good luck. I’m just so very, very frustrated that I can’t vote for you, as I’m not in your constituency . However, there are many people I know who definitely can, and will, be voting for you, so best wishes to you and your campaign.

9. At 12:50 pm on 09th Jun Lucy Rutherford wrote:

Congratulations Claire on getting closer to nudging Sir Hugo “three jobs and one for my wife” off his much too comfortable seat.  The Tories have got to stop and listen at last, don’t give up hope!

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