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Comments on "Abolish council tax discount for second homes - up for debate"

1. At 01:51 pm on 09th Jan Elena Stone wrote:

There should be a mindset change in the simplistic assumption that all second home owners are well-off because that is not the case.

As a case study 15% of our income are spent on Council Tax on both our home as we are a low income family. We just want to keep my husband’s childhood home for our future retirement home as well as save it for our children. My eldest can only find a part time job which will struggle to even get to the property ladder. My youngest first year at Plymouth University have £12K loan so far.

We second home owners are an easy target. What the Council should do I suggest is to apply efficiency by reducing wastage in many different areas in the council, remove fat cats (some councils do have fat cats).

The council tax started in around 1990 and is unfair now many people spend 10% of their income on council tax. Second home owners used to have 50% discount, it becomes 10% discount now the nasty people in EDDC want that remove.

By the amount of time we go to Uplyme, it equate probably 1/5 the Council spent of the council tax we paid. So it is unfair to remove the 10% discount.

I suggest EDDC to apply more creativity and not focus on an easy target like us second home owners. I like to reiterate that we are not all wealthy.

Thank you.