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Comments on "All bar one Devon Conservative MPs vote in favour of massive cuts to councils AGAIN"

1. At 09:58 am on 23th Feb Ben Piper wrote:

It is truly shocking how few people recognise that ‘Austerity’ is an:
a) an ideological choice
b) an economic disaster.
Thank you for your revealing picture of the disgusting Mr Swine (sorry is that a typo?) and his arrogance so typical of a class of politicians who see such behaviour as acceptable -when in reality it is institutionslised corruption which is seriously corroding what remains of the social contract-very best to you -Ben

2. At 11:30 am on 23th Feb Chris Wakefield wrote:

What a bunch of useless wimps. They have certainly removed the ‘local’ from the epithet ‘local politician’. Such a gutless performance at Westminster makes an odd contrast with the Pulmans News report of our gallant Sir H swashbuckling his way to some extra funding to move Tipton School to Ottery. That is a result of sorts (although I don’t think ‘moving’ was really what anyone wanted) and he might get some credit for that. But perhaps Hugo has been taken behind the bike sheds at Westminster and told that he can have a few shillings to save his face, but not to cause any trouble for the big boys and girls who are keen to see the back of local authorities. I don’t know for sure, but I would wager there is, even beyond the whips, a slightly sinister ‘disciplinary’ atmosphere to curb any whiff of dissidence from Tories in the shires.

John Hart clearly feels no such constraint - and he thus reminds us of an older Tory tradition of local effort, the desire to serve a community rather than himself, and looking for a legacy of improving the lot of those among whom he lives. It’s the kind of paternalism that those of my persuasion would once have railed against but now seems like the epitome of radical opposition. I don’t know whether I’ve suggested this before among my comments on this blog - but I’ve certainly thought it - that local Tories could move out of their party if they really want to get some traction on the plans of the heavy mob at Westminster. It depends I suppose of the question of loyalty - in the end, is it Party First or People First?

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