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Comments on "Austerity is over, says PM who last week said it was vital"

1. At 12:50 pm on 13th Jun Martin Weller wrote:

Hear, hear

2. At 07:35 pm on 14th Jun Roger giles wrote:

Its good to see that after an intensive, and presumably exhausting, sustained period of campaigning - first of all for the Devon County Council elections of 4 May, and then for the 8 June General Election - there is still a considerable amount of passion within Claire.
Devon County Council suffered massive budget cuts and was forced to slash services to the extent that Conservative Leader John Hart and Conservative Deputy Leader John Clatworthy complained bitterly to the Conservative government. Our schools face a budgetary crisis with the threat of having to lose teachers, and larger class sizes. Hundreds of police officers and PCSOs in Devon face losing their jobs. Their is a funding crisis in the NHS, with the prospect of a massive reduction in the number of community hospital beds in Devon.
Is Theresa May, in saying austerity is no longer necessary, admitting that the most recent devastating service cuts were also unnecessary?Will she provide a fair level of funding for Devon? Or can we expect to see extra funding for Ulster, in order to buy the votes of the Democratic Unionist Party, to keep her government afloat?

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