Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

Comments on "Brexit and the prime minister. Where's it, and she, going?"

1. At 12:56 pm on 11th Jul Paul F wrote:

A brilliant post encapsulating the state of the nation in only a few words - a clarity that Hugo Swire could never hope to achieve. Claire sounds more and more like our MP in waiting as time goes on.

2. At 01:30 pm on 11th Jul annabel shaw wrote:

Well said, Claire. It’s time that ordinary people took a stand. What passes for government these days is truly shocking. Johnson, Gove, Hunt, Redwood, Swire - to name just a few of the self important ‘Masters of the Universe’ making decisions that will affect the rest of us negatively but not them. You only have to see the corruption at local level to understand just how entitled Tory politicians feel themselves to be.

3. At 08:08 am on 12th Jul Chris Wakefield wrote:

Boris isn’t interested in business or jobs: ‘F*** business’ he tells us. And he believes dreams are a source of rational policy development. How can anyone who bothers to think about these issues conclude that they should believe what a small bunch of backward thinking politicians tell them about the future? Brexit is demonstrably (as far as anyone competent can tell) a bad move - most MPs believe that. The EU believe that. So why on earth is anyone prosecuting such a barmy policy? Answer - because the Tory Party is in danger of collapse - well who cares about that? Not me. I don’t believe it anyway - the Tories will survive just fine once they decide that Dominic Grieve and other so called ‘rebels’ are actually an articulate group of loyalists who deserves to be listened to.  Once the egomaniac wing on the right of the party is allowed to drift away, things will improve for them.

Democracy is a system for changing your mind about things so that we don’t get stuck with a self perpetuating and self interested governing elite. The people who will bear the damage from Boris’s dreamland scenarios are those least able to cope with it. And all the jam tomorrow that Brexiteers promise is founded on the proposition that we will expand our economy and have lots of new jobs. Question: who will protect the interests of the people occupying the new jobs if it turns out that the pay and conditions necessary to make this brave new world function undermines what we have already? Trade unions were founded over many decades against a tide of repressive elite resistance. Lives were lost in the struggle, and improvements were slowly achieved. Those gains could be lost in the feverish return to laissez faire capitalism that Brexiteers dream of.

I have done my best over the last two years to find some comfort in the prospect of leaving the EU, for the sake of my progeny, who will bear the cost of it. So far I see nothing of any value emerging. It’s a mess, it is counter intuitive, and just plain stupid. I look forward to its collapse in ruins.