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Comments on "My plans to protect nature is agreed by Devon County Council cabinet"

1. At 09:38 am on 13th Mar Chris Wakefield wrote:

This is hugely important, and I’m relieved that DCC seems to have realised how vital it is to pay proper attention to environmental issues and how important they are to our future wellbeing - economic and political as well as personal and (dare I say it), spiritual.

The southwestern peninsula (Devon and Cornwall) has always been a culturally distinct region - different to the rest of England in too many ways to enumerate or explain here - but it is those distinctions which earn us a living from tourism, and which draw so many people to visit and ultimately perhaps want to live here. Reconciling the opposing demands of modern economic and political ambitions with a stable and sustainable society and a healthy environment is a job that cannot be put off for much longer. We face a prospect of unabated increases in global temperature, population, poverty and inequality, mostly driven by out of date economic and political thinking that will inevitably be hard to shift.

But this decision is a start isn’t it? - and if we can collaborate to follow it through, learn how to appreciate and sustain the glories that greet us daily in every acre of Devonshire’s landscape - not just how it looks from a vantage point, but why it looks like it does, how it works, where it came from, what its made of, what it conceals and what it can teach us about the way we conduct our lives, then we shall be in a better position to bequeath a viable future to our progeny.

Hang on. Must have drunk too much coffee this morning - can get overly lyrical when that happens. But well done again Claire, and I hope your DCC colleagues will keep listening to your environmental persuasions. Maybe Counties are a good place to push these issues along because they are close enough to our everyday lives to be obviously relevant. Westminster will probably always be entangled with larger and less sympathetic forces, and thus less able to take decisive action. Will look out for 27th April events.

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