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Comments on "Devon County Council cabinet rejects my motion to back retention of community hospital buildings"

1. At 10:17 pm on 12th Sep Roger Giles wrote:

As we know there is little or no democracy, and no public accountability, in the NHS.
It is profoundly disappointing therefore, that the Conservative Cabinet of Devon County Council (which is a democratic body) would not support Claire’s request for DCC to press for the retention of Devon’s community hospitals. The argument made by the Conservatives was that ‘this is a matter for the NHS’ . To do as they wish, and ignoring the needs and views of Devon people? That is reprehensible. Especially as the DCC Chief Executive pointed out that receipts from disposal of Devon hospitals declared ‘surplus to requirements’ might well be used outside Devon.

2. At 09:39 pm on 17th Sep Val Ranger wrote:

The Conservative party in both EDDC and DCC have made it clear that they put party policy before the needs or wishes of residents when it comes to our local hospitals. I can think of no issue that has greater public support than the retention of our local hospitals and services yet time after time these views are dismissed by the ruling parties who appear completely out of touch with what is happening in our hospitals both to staff via the pressures they are under and the patients they are trying to serve. It is impossible to have any respect at all for these councillors.