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Comments on "Devon County's Council tax to rise by almost five per cent as services are slashed"

1. At 01:50 pm on 20th Feb Chris Wakefield wrote:

Hugo’s track record in supporting public services in his constituency would be charitably described as patchy although his recent discovery that one can tilt against the Party line and live to tell the tale may have stiffened his spine for further efforts. After all, he is no longer favoured in Government circles and it would be perhaps the best time to show his mettle as a committed constituency MP, rather than, as previously, a much-preoccupied Westminster placeman.

The political elite in Devon, which for the last two decades at least has been dominated by the Tories, has overseen a spectacular slide to the bottom end of the national league in per capita funding for health and education in particular, and crippling reductions in County Council services in general. Much of this decline was organised and planned since the crash by increasingly paranoid centralising governments addicted to a failed economic strategy. Although there may have been some sympathy within DCC for efficiency savings that started in the the 1980s, those days are long past and to lay any of the blame for today’s faltering public services entirely at the County Council’s door is simply to sing along with the old refrain that a lie told often enough becomes the truth. And we’ve seen plenty of that of late.

Given the state of the public sector in Devon, a vote against a rotten deal on 23rd Feb is the only rational response. If our MP votes in favour of further cuts, he will need to explain his decision very carefully to his constituents and assume responsibility for the outcomes.

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