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Comments on "East Devon MP Sir Hugo Swire, predicted to lose his seat if a general election takes place this year"

1. At 03:31 pm on 12th Feb Sandra Semple wrote:

Couldn’t happen to a ......... man (fill blank with your own word or phrase!

2. At 09:34 am on 13th Feb Robert Crick wrote:

“We are not in a constitutional crisis: The Queen is still on her throne, the Church of England is still inviting people to join its pews, no one apart from a few Labour opportunists are really seeking a General Election.” (New Year message from the still current MP for Devon East). Ha Ha Ha.

3. At 03:40 pm on 13th Feb Joan Kelly wrote:

It will never happen and if you believe these so called pollsters then you must believe the moon is made of green cheese. Politicians from grass roots upwards are only in it for themselves. I am so disgusted I will never vote in Local Elections again along with many others. As for a General Election I doubt if I will waste my shoe leather going to a Polling Station.

4. At 11:49 pm on 13th Feb Sandra Semple wrote:

Our freedom to vote is a freedom suffragettes fought for - I for one will always use my vote.