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Comments on "Please attend special town council meeting to 're-examine' working group to save hospital!"

1. At 07:53 pm on 27th Nov Leigh Edwards wrote:

If you know anything at all the OSM Town Council you will know that they are unanimously in favour of doing everything humanly possible to save our community hospital, despite nasty rumours to the contrary. The Town Council is represented on the OSM Health and Care Forum by three town councillors, and their work is now bringing real results. This Extraordinary General Meeting is simply to correct a procedural error connected with a recent vote about a proposed Working Group. It is not a vote about the Town Council’s support, or lack of, for the Hospital.

2. At 07:38 am on 28th Nov Roger Giles wrote:

I am a member of OSMTC; Leigh Edwards is not. I was at the OSMTC meeting on 6 November; Leigh Edwards was not. I would be very interested to learn details of what Leigh Edwards described as ‘a procedural error’ on 6 November.