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Comments on "Health scrutiny committee to debate hospital bed closures Sec of State referral on Tues"

1. At 09:43 pm on 21th Jul Michael Fairclough wrote:

Here is another underhand assault on our caring services! Where and when will it end?
We need to stop Cun… sorry! Hunt and his team of executioners from carrying out this barbaric attack!

2. At 04:08 pm on 27th Jul Karl Wallace wrote:

Although my family and I don’t live in Honiton these closures of wards and units in Devon Somerset will be having a knock on effect too the larger hospitals . This is not about improving services but saving money (short term) and reducing risk to the corporate organisations. The large hospitals will be spending more on revolving door patients who could be better helped in local hospitals for the more complex patient discharges To conclude short term savings with loss of long-term community resources !

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