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Comments on "Highways officers to investigate road safety improvements at Colaton Raleigh"

1. At 02:46 pm on 01th Dec Roland Craven wrote:

The obvious question about this and similar all over Devon is….How and why was planning granted in the light of such predictable consequences? What were highways thinking - or not.

2. At 09:06 pm on 02th Dec Eric Tregurtha wrote:

Thank you, Claire, for your support.  I have lived in Colaton Raleigh for 10 years, now, and there has been a huge increase in traffic volume and a massive increase in the size of commercial and farm vehicles in this time.  It would have been inconceivable that such vehicles would be turning from the Exmouth Road into Hawkerland Road which is a mere country lane. Because of cars parking in Hawkerland Road, and they have no choice, it is dangerous for pedestrians at the junction with Exmouth Road, plus most drivers turning into Hawkerland Road do NOT take due care and thereby put pedestrians in serious danger.  We have no pavements so that many drivers do not take this into account. Speed of many vehicles is a further serious factor. The small Industrial Estate further along Hawkerland Road, now has many more vehicles, including several articulated lorries from Europe.  Planners could not have envisaged such a change.  In my view, the way to make this safe now, would be to develop unmetalled bridle ways from the Exmouth Road (opposite Dotton Lane) to the rear of the Industrial Estate and thereby avoiding the serious dangers along the Hawkerland Road.  In order to achieve this, however, we will need a few deaths - how many do you need so that you can extract the necessary finances? I am not joking, but over the past few decades that is how I have seen that several such problems have been resolved.  Please continue to help us, Claire.  Many thanks.

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