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Comments on "Frustrating meeting sees bed closures secretary of state scrutiny referral pushed back"

1. At 06:32 pm on 24th Jun Paul F wrote:


1. Is it legal for the Chair to refuse to put to the vote a motion that has been formally proposed and seconded?

If not, can we refer this to DCC Standards? Or perhaps think about legal action?

2. I don’t see anything in your questions about their Clinical Evidence supporting their assertion that Hospital at Home is as effective as ... um ... Hospital at Hospital. I am happy to share with you my correspondence with the CCG in which the Accountable Officer admitted that they did not publish any clinical evidence until after the consultation had closed, and my analysis which shows that even then this evidence was substantially missing and what was provided was at best ambivalent about whether there were benefits.

I would also add that the Clinical Committee which was supposed to review the Clinical Evidence replied to a FoI request that they didn’t have any, and the CCG lied in response to several FoI requests during the consultation to say that it was on their web site.

3. Scrutiny committees are supposed to act as a check and balance against those in power. The farce of a Scrutiny Committee that you describes is a perfect example of why it is VERY VERY bad for Democracy to have sycophantic national Political Parties in power at local government level.

2. At 10:17 pm on 17th Jul Robert Crick wrote:

Thanks for your clear detailed dismemberment of their procedural failures, Claire. The cover-ups and arrogant dismissal of popular anger at evident injustice cannot endure much longer. This meeting happened just five days after the Grenfell Tower scandal. They may not at the time have realised just how weak they are, but their edifice is crumbling from top to bottom. Sarah R-J has already suffered the “Claire Wright effect” on her own political career and must feel she and her colleagues are now on the ropes and their days are numbered. The truth will prevail despite their refusal to allow democratic scrutiny. Great crowd and great banner. One more push and their whole shoddy dishonest political charade will collapse (to be replaced by something far from perfect no doubt but at least a bit more accountable.) The people united will never be defeated. Have a good break. You deserve it.

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