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Comments on "Hugo Swire refuses to attend any hustings"

1. At 03:25 pm on 18th May Paul Arnott wrote:

A truly fascinating example of arrogance and spinelessness in one gutless decision.

2. At 01:34 pm on 19th May Sandra Semple wrote:

Has anyone thought to offer him a map so he can find his way around a constituency he rarely visits, except for quick photo-opportunities between visits to the Middle East?

3. At 04:29 pm on 19th May Austin Barrett wrote:

I would guess that many people will conclude that he is afraid that you will wipe the floor with him in public debate Claire.

4. At 07:33 pm on 19th May Steve Oliver wrote:

It is shocking but not surprising that Swire chooses to flout the democratic process in this way. He’s clearly rattled Claire and I hope he suffers in the polls as a result.

5. At 10:40 pm on 19th May Roger Giles wrote:

I doubt that Hugo needs a map Sandra, because he claimed £349 in June 2007 to buy a Satnav “to cover the 176.25 square miles of his constituency”

6. At 11:34 am on 25th May Barry St Anton wrote:

We must do all we can to defeat the Tories at this election; the very survival of our democracy is at stake. Hugo Swine is the epitome of corrupt, elitist Tory rule of the poor by the rich for the rich.
Good luck!

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