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Comments on "Hugo Swire refuses to attend any hustings"

1. At 03:25 pm on 18th May Paul Arnott wrote:

A truly fascinating example of arrogance and spinelessness in one gutless decision.

2. At 01:34 pm on 19th May Sandra Semple wrote:

Has anyone thought to offer him a map so he can find his way around a constituency he rarely visits, except for quick photo-opportunities between visits to the Middle East?

3. At 04:29 pm on 19th May Austin Barrett wrote:

I would guess that many people will conclude that he is afraid that you will wipe the floor with him in public debate Claire.

4. At 07:33 pm on 19th May Steve Oliver wrote:

It is shocking but not surprising that Swire chooses to flout the democratic process in this way. He’s clearly rattled Claire and I hope he suffers in the polls as a result.

5. At 10:40 pm on 19th May Roger Giles wrote:

I doubt that Hugo needs a map Sandra, because he claimed £349 in June 2007 to buy a Satnav “to cover the 176.25 square miles of his constituency”

6. At 11:34 am on 25th May Barry St Anton wrote:

We must do all we can to defeat the Tories at this election; the very survival of our democracy is at stake. Hugo Swine is the epitome of corrupt, elitist Tory rule of the poor by the rich for the rich.
Good luck!

7. At 05:34 pm on 30th May Mike Pellatt wrote:

Nothing new !! Sir Archie Hamilton (Chris Grayling’s predecessor in Epsom & Ewell) similarly refused to turn up to a hustings meeting which every other candidate attended. Sheer arrogance.

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