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Comments on "Latest YouGov poll predicts that I will take the East Devon parliamentary seat"

1. At 09:24 pm on 01th Jun Nick Wilkinson wrote:

I’m a die hard socialist Claire but you’ll be getting my vote to put an end to austerity for the masses and yo put ordinary people first. Get Swire out!

2. At 08:05 am on 02th Jun Roger Giles wrote:

I have spoken to very many people in thiscampaign. It is very clear that there is tremendous support for Claire (much more so than in the 2015 General Election), and a great desire for change. Come on Ottery and Exmouth and Sidmouth people, and everyone elsewhere in the East Devon constituency. For the first time ever, there is a very real chance that East Devon will have a local person representing it at Westminster. Someone who will devote 100% of her time to doing her best for all her constituents. Please do all yopu can to make sure that this golden opportunity becomes a reality on June 8.

3. At 07:29 am on 03th Jun Janice Faulkner wrote:

I am certainly seeing more Claire Wright posters than any other around our region and I don’t believe it’s because Hugo Swire’s posters have been stolen. His posters seemed to have been put up by bigger land owners rather than ordinary people. When I spoke to someone who was campaigning for the conservatives in the local elections for Sidmouth he said it was difficult to get going again for the General election as it was a foregone conclusion for Hugo to win. It seems to me that Hugo Swire feels the same way. Fingers crossed for Claire. She would certainly make the best MP for East Devon.

4. At 07:17 pm on 05th Jun Richard workman wrote:

It’s time for change. Safe seats make complacent MPs. We need someone to represent us, who knows the constituency and the people. Vote Claire and encourage everyone else to do so.

5. At 11:27 pm on 05th Jun Sue Harriott wrote:

I do hope the YouGov poll is correct but I worry in case too many people dont vote tactically and “waste” their vote on the Labour, Lib Dem or on the two other independent candidates.  Everyone is entitled to their own views / vote but to change the colour of this parliamentary seat we need to have all the people who don’t want to see the present encumbant re-elected voting for Claire.  That is the only chance to ensure that we do not get the blues!

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