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Comments on "Leaving the EU with no deal now looks like the most likely scenario ... here's what you can do..."

1. At 01:37 pm on 31th Jul Paul F wrote:

Not to mention the foreign (i.e. Russian) meddling, the facebook deliberate mis-information (some Brexiters are calling overspending and mis-information “a triviality that didn’t affect the results” - but I would call it blatant lying and cheating), the use of illegally harvested personal data, the fact that Johnson, Gove, Davis et. al. probably knew about the overspending and lies as they were in daily control of the campaign, the switch from promising a soft Brexit during the referendum campaign to a hard / no-deal even harder Brexit the second they won, the unwillingness to compromise to allow an even half-decent deal, the deliberate sabotage of the negotiations to achieve the no-deal Brexit they really want etc. etc. etc.

And let us not forget the food shortages and medicine shortages that will be inevitable from the disruptions to trade, and the civil unrest and army law that will result from the shortages.

Jacob Rees-Mogg says it will be 50 years until we see any benefit - so perhaps 100 years until we see an overall benefit that balances out the losses. That is a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time to wait for our great-great-great-grandchildren to see - with possibly our great-grandchildren only seeing the pain and perhaps never seeing any real benefit.

(Of course that doesn’t mean that Jacob won’t see personal benefits sooner than that - possibly as early as April next year. But Jacob is willing to accept the pain of his personal gain short-term in order to allow us to benefit from the long term gains from Brexit in as few as 3-4 generations time!! How self sacrificing of him.)

This is NOT democracy in any genuine sense - this is a hijacking of democracy by a rich elite for their own benefit regardless of the means or the consequences.